On Site Services From our Master Mechanic.

Our Mechanic is not only a Mechanic. He is a Welder, Fabricator, and Troubleshooter.
His 25+ Years of experience makes him one of the Best Service poeple in the valley today.




After cleanup1

We are cleaning up our act!

First we had to do some inhouse house keeping for starters. Next we had to learn what we were doing wrong. You might not even know this but some of the smallest things you do can cause a big impact on our Enviromant. Take a minute to reflect on that and see if you can find something you do that you could do different. One little thing







We Hit The Ground Running (Sort of)

First was cleaning up our shopgetting rid of oil stains amd changing bad habits.

cleaning up our yard. We are working hard to clean up our property daily. The work will never end because of the type of business we are in. we have removed over 30 yards of contamenated soil, removed fuel, oil, coolant, and other liquids from places it was stores around the yard to a proper storage area. and Cleaning the metal out of the soil which can be carried away by rain to our watershead.