About Us

It was in 1954 that a shop foreman names Ruben Bentz was left jobless after the company he had worked for was bought out. Turning adversity into opportunity, he decided to establish his own business in tractor parts and service. This business was born in the west side of Stockton, California in a livery stable.

In time Ruben suffered a stroke. It was at this point his son took over the business and made the decision to move the company to another location in west Stockton. This is where the business has remained to this day.

Associated Tractor Service Inc. Has grown over the years as a family owned business. The challenge of serving the agriclturally rich San Joaquin Valley has always been a the center of every service we farmers as well as agricultural and equipment dealers all over the state of California and across the country.

With the changing times, Associated Tractor Service has remained consistent in our dedication to offer

our customers competitive prices and quality service is a favorite shopping yard for out customers

Meet the Team

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Tom Bentz

Founder & CEO

Owner of Associated Tractor


Larry Gonser

Master Mechanic

Service Department Head Mechanic


Bulmaro M.